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40'' KLANGROOM - TSUMI - 2nd chapter


Lorenzo Troiani: Horror Vacui
Matteo Tundo: Dentro i simulacri
Lorenzo Pagliei: Microcosmo
Luis Antunes Pena: AZIO-Riff
Giulia Lorusso: Intertwined Fields
Filippo Perocco: Ossidazione
Javier Torres Maldonado: Klangroom


Idea, performance, mixing, editing: Azione_Improvvisa
Video concept and creation: KOTTOMfilms
Graphics: Watteo Arts

40''KlangRoom TSUMI - Azione_Improvvisa Ensemble
40''KlangRoom TSUMI - L. Troiani, Horror Vacui (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom TSUMI - M. Tundo, Dentro i simulacri (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom TSUMI - L. Pagliei, Microcosmo (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom TSUMI - L. Antunes Pena, AZIO-Riff (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom TSUMI - G. Lorusso, Intertwined fields (Azione_Improvvisa)
40'' KlangRoom TSUMI - F. Perocco, Ossidazione (Azione_Improvvisa)
40'' KlangRoom TSUMI - J. Torres Maldonado, Klangroom (Azione_Improvvisa)

40”KlangRoom – Tsumi consolidates alternative methods for remote artistic creation, maintaining the 40’’ format of audiovisual miniatures. Tsumi’s literary inspiration comes from the essay I vizi capitali e i nuovi vizi, by Umberto Galimberti. The author imagines to set capital vices in the contemporary panorama, in the age of technology and the urgency of ethics, providing a broad survey of those tendencies, behavioral modalities which could be defined, with due care, as the “new vices”: sociopathy, shamelessness, consumerism, conformism, sexmania, cult of the void.