Azione_Improvvisa has been active since 2017 with concerts, workshops and installations. The ensemble’s extremely unusual line-up is focused on the exploration of new sound identities within the context of contemporary music, connecting different musical approaches and experiences in a synergic contribution between different ages instruments.
Many composers have written for Azione_Improvvisa, above all Marco Momi, Lula Romero, Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Stefano Alessandretti, Andrea Valle, Farzia Fallah, Zeno Baldi, Maurizio Azzan, Alberto Carretero.
In March 2020 Azione_Improvvisa has been supported by the Grant-in-Aids by Ernst von Siemens Stiftung.
The ensemble was invited to have a concert in “Transart” – Bolzano, “Musica Insieme Festival” – Panicale, “Contrasti” – Trento, “Pergine Festival”, “Pacta Sound Zone” – Milano and join artistic residenses at Fondazione Spinola – Banna and Fattoria Vittadini (Fabbrica del Vapore) in Milan.
The ensemble is among the founders and part of Anomalia – pratiche artistiche contemporanee.
In 2019 Azione_Improvvisa released Parade (Guitart Label), and in 2020, First Glimpse (Ars Spoletium), which includes works done in the first three years.


First Glimpse by Azione_Improvvisa Ensemble.
Produced by Ars Spoletium.

The CD can be purchased from the producer website or send us an email. Available also on Spotify, Amazon Music.


All the featured composers:
Stefano Alessandretti, Nicola Straffelini, Andrea Valle, Hugo Vasco Reis, Dan Di Maggio, Raul Masu.


Graphics by Watteo Art

Margherita Berlanda


Very active in the contemporary scene, Margherita Berlanda studied Accordion with M° Corrado Rojac at the Conservatorio Statale “G:Tartini” of Trieste (Italy) from year 2006 to year 2012 and she graduated there at the Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in Performance. She specialized in Chamber Music, Master of Musikvermittlung and Konzertexamen (Solistic post Master specialisation)  at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen (Germany) under the guide of M° Hans Maier. She attended several master classes, both with interpreters and composers (J.Rättyä, M.Vayriynen, Lukas Juhart…,N.Brass, N.A.Huber e F.Nieder..). Thanks to the Erasmus Scholarship she was student in M° Stefan Hussong class at the Musikhochschule Würzburg (Germany 2011-2012). She took part and distinguished into different international music competions. She has performed in International Music Festivals like “Donaueschingen Tagen für Neue Musik”, Germany; “Kooper Contemporary Music Festival” Slowenien;  “Pergine Festival of performig arts”, “SpazioMusica Festival”, Italy, “Musica Insieme Panicale”…She performs not only as a soloist but also in chamber music groups. Of particular interest is the music project with the cellist Nicolò Nigrelli (Duo Alambic), with the pianist Claudia Pérez Inesta, Anomalia Collective (Anna Sowa, Dorota Jasinska) and with the contemporary music ensemble azione_improvvisa ensemble. Some of her interpretations have been broadcasted by Radio Vaticana, Bayerische Rundfunk, Rai Slovenia. 
She works steadly with several contemporary music composers and performer (Philemon Mukarno, Samir Odeh Tamimi, Roberto Zanata, Gianluca Castelli, Anna Sowa-winners of Supernova Calls 2019, Pergine Festival). She cooperates with Orchestras such as the Mannheim Kammerphilarmonie or the Haydn Orchester von Bozen und Trient. She has recently founded and she is the coordinator of an artistc space-lab called Anomalia (Trento), together with the painter Andrea Fonanari (painter, Boccanera Gallery, Trento-Milan).
Important moments as a teacher were the teaching period as assistant for the pre-academic accordion courses at the Conservatorio Statale di Musica “G.Tartini” of Trieste and masterclasses such as the accordion master class by the Music School of Szczecin, Poland (Panstwowa Szkola Musyczna I Stopnia). She works now at the L.Campiani Conservatory in Mantua.

Pierpaolo Dinapoli


Born in Venosa, Basilicata, in 1989, he obtained his conservatory diploma with
top marks and honour under maestro Marco Salcito. He attended masterclasses with maestros Pablo Marquez, Timo Korhonen, Oscar Ghiglia, Tilman Hoppstock and Carlo Marchione, as well as a one-year training course held by the latter.
He perfected his skills under the guidance of Tilman Hoppstock at the Akademie fuer Tonkunst in Darmstadt (DE).
He attended master course specialized in Chamber music at the conservatory of Milan, under maestros Marco Pace and Mauro Bonifacio.
His artistic career focuses on the music of the 20 th century and, above all, on
contemporary music. This led him to collaborate actively with various
composers, often  performing world premieres. Also, numerous pieces have been dedicated to him.
Very active in the field of chamber music, he boasts several collaborations with various ensembles. Interested in exploring different forms of artistic performance, he has often collaborated with actors and visual artists. Revisions of his pieces are published by Rai Com, Suvini Zerboni and Sconfinarte.
He held a workshop and a conference focused on new techniques of execution and the repertoire of
contemporary music for guitar at the Conservatory of Milan and Pescara.
He performed in Italy and abroad for various musical associations such as Museo del Novecento in Milan,
Festival Mi.To., Tansillo in Venosa, Syntonia in Rome, Nuova Diapason in Vieste, AVO, Setticlavium in
In June 2012, he was invited to perform at the Pietro Canonica Museum in Rome, on the occasion of the
European Music Day and performed at the Tage fuer Neue Musik in Darmstadt in February 2015.
He is the artistic director and chamber music teacher of the summer course “City of Venosa, in the footsteps
of Gesualdo”
He teached guitar for pre-academic and non-academic courses at the Conservatory “Franco Vittadini” in
Pavia and in various schools of Milan.

Daniela Fantechi

Live electronics

She was born in Florence, Italy. She studied Composition at Conservatory Luigi Cherubini of Florence, with Rosario Mirigliano and Paolo Furlani, and, at Kunstuniversität, in Graz, with Beat Furrer, Clemens Gadenstätter and Georg Friedrich Haas. She has attended several master classes and summer courses, such as Impuls and, headed by Helmut Lachenmann, Beat Furrer, Dieter Amman, Tristan Murail, Daniele Bravi, Toshio Hosokawa, Mark Andre, Stefano Gervasoni, Mauro Lanza. She also graduated with first-class honours in Master of Musicology at the University of Florence in 2009, and she specialized in Pedagogy and Music, for music teaching at the preschool and elementary school, with the course Musica Bambina, in Pisa. After that, she has been working on several projects with children in Teatro Verdi in Pisa and in many theatre and schools in Florence and in Pisa. In 2010, together with the trumpet player Marco Baldini and the clarinet player Edoardo Ricci, she founded Blutwurst, a collective of musicians, focused on radical improvisation and on the performance of contemporary composers’ graphic scores. 2013 the collective began to work on its own projects, composing works entirely dedicated to the electro-acoustic exploration of unisons and drones. The compositions has been released as CD by Tempo Reale Collection, in May 2016, and the compositions has been released as vinyl by the English label Negative Days, in December 2016. Her compositions have been performed in Italy, in Austria, in Spain, in England, in German, Switzerland. She was in Vienna (January-March 2016) for the Artist-in Residence Programm, by Kultur Kontakt, Österreich, and in Graz (February- April 2017) for the St.A.I.R, Artist-in Residence Programm, by Steiermark, Österreich. She is now doctoral students at the University of Antwerp, within the docARTES programme run by the Orpheus Instituut, in Gent, Belgium. Here she is also working as a Doctoral researcher within the research cluster Music, Thought and Technology
Andrea Antonel


Born in Pordenone (Italy) in 1989, he started his musical education at 10 years old as a chorister, together with the study of classical guitar. This choral and vocal ensemble experience acted as a springboard to appreciating the renaissance and baroque repertoire. The decision to go deeper with this music was made beginning the study of early plucked string instruments in Venice
Conservatorio “B.Marcello” under Tiziano Bagnati, and he graduated his “Compimento Inferiore”.
in 2009, taking the highest award in renaissance lute.
He completed his studying in 2016 with the top mark under Rolf Lislevand in the Trossingen Musikhochschule, where he attended lesson of music praxis, theory and notation also with Lorenz
Duftschmid, Frithjof Smith, Marco Ambrosini, Kees Boeke, Claudia Caffagni. He has attended courses and masterclasses on the lute with Paul O’dette and Jacob Lindberg, and vocal technique
with Andreana Galante, and in chamber music with Sigiswald Kuijken, Marco Mencoboni, Diego Fratelli, Lorenzo Ghielmi. He performs solo concerts on the baroque lute and on the theorbo. He
has also performs in “Singing upon the lute” practice, with renaissance and early baroque repertoire of the 16th and 17th century. He plays continuo in collaboration with several groups of chamber music and baroque orchestra. He is cofounder of the young ensemble Consonanze Stravaganti, born in 2012, which explores the 17th and 18th Italian baroque repertoire. He collaborates also with stable groups such as Azione_improvvisa (contemporary music trio: theorbo, accordeon and e-guitar), Arcoantiqua (chamber and orcherstra baroque music), la Gallarda (spanish siglo de oro music), il
Parnaso (trio theorbo, flute, violin), il Demetrio, Soqquadro Italiano, Ensemble Eufonia, Ring Around Quartet, Rossoporpora Ensemble, Cappella Altoliventina. He recorded for labels like
Tactus, Antiqua and gave live radio streamed concerts fron the Quirinale Palace.
He gave concerts-conferences about the connection between music and lyric love poetry of 12th and 13th century from Troubadours and Trouvères, singing and playing alone the accompaniment on the
Psaltery (Castelli Aperti in Friuli, Casa Archana, 2015).


40” KlangRoom

40 ” to expand spaces, sounds, images.
Born from the need to recreate our musical space, using constructively items at our disposal during isolation, looking for a new experience, which feeds on the contemporary and does not replace anything that already exists. We asked a group of 10 composers to write a 40” piece, which will be played in 4 different rooms and then reassembled.

Music by: D. Fantechi, M. Pisati, A. Valle, M. Azzan, R. Vetrano, C. Panariello, A. Carretero, A. Sowa, Z. Baldi, G. Bertelli.
In collaboration with KottomFilms

Signal to Noise 0.1
Piccola Stagione di Musica Contemporanea

Anomalìa – artistic direction: Azione_Improvvisa Ensemble.
First edition of a new contemporary music season based in Pergine Valsuagana (TN). Artist: Azione_ Improvvisa Ensemble, Ivan Penov & Roberto Doati, MP Saxophone quartet.

More info: Signal to Noise official page


Where you can listen to us

21 September 2021
- Transart Festival

Seeds project
Music by: Zeno Baldi, Farzia Fallah, Marco Momi, Lula Romero


15 - 19 March 2021
Fondazione Spinola-Banna

Artistic residency with Zeno Baldi


6 -7 February 2021 - Anomalìa

Artistic residency with Marco Momi


31 January 2021 - First Glimpse

Teatro don Bosco – Pergine Valsugana (streaming concert)

Music by: H. Reis, D. Di Maggio, N. Straffelini, A. Valle


Past concert

21 December – Dialoghi sul Comporre – Reggio Emilia

7/8/11 November – Workshop at High School – Pergine (TN)

21 August – Musica Insieme – Panicale (PG)

31 July – Anomalia, Baselga di Piné (TN)

13 April – Casa Tucci – Milano (MI)

25 January – Sala polifunzionale – Sartirana (PV)

20 January – Fabbrica del Vapore c/o Fondazione Milano – Milano (MI)

14 – 20 January – Artist in residence for Fattoria Vittadini – Milano (MI)

9 August – Alchemia festival – Trento

8 July – Pergine spettacolo aperto – Pergine (TN)

22 March – Contrasti – Trento


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+39 333 191 4126


+39 348 099 7241