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Azione_Improvvisa is a contemporary music ensemble based in Italy, operating as a vital component of Anomalía Contemporary Arts, dedicated to research and experimental artistic endeavor. The ensemble was founded in 2017 by Margherita Berlanda – accordion, Pierpaolo Dinapoli – electric guitar, and Andrea Antonel – theorbo. In 2019, Daniela Fantechi joined as artistic director and electronic performer. Thanks to its uncommon lineup, Azione_Improvvisa stands out for the constant exploration of new sound identities in the field of contemporary music. The different formative careers of each member granted the fertile field for experimenting multiple visions and ideas, forcing the exploration into the contemporary field, but also grasping on ancient music. Azione_Improvvisa has been supported by the Grant-in-Aids by Ernst von Siemens Stiftung, in March 2020, and it has been presenting its work in festivals such as “Angelica” – Bologna, “Transart” – Bolzano, “Commute Festival” – Tallinn, “Società Filarmonica di Trento”, “Kortrijk Festival”, “Milano Musica”, “Musica Insieme Festival” – Panicale, “Contrasti” – Trento, “Pergine Festival”. The ensemble joined moreover artistic residences at Centro Santa Chiara – Trento, Fondazione Spinola Banna – Torino, Fattoria Vittadini – Fabbrica del Vapore – Milano.


  • focusing on the creation and diffusion of contemporary music;
  • investigating the relationship between technology and contemporary music creations  by leveraging electronic instruments and cutting-edge technologies;
  • combining the knowledge from ancient music world with the most actual research in contemporary music;
  • collaborating with the most interesting composers of the actual music scene;
  • making contemporary music more accessible, by promoting concerts in less conventional spaces, offering open workshops and meetings with musicians, in order to provide tools for a more conscious listening experience.


Zeno Baldi, Farzia Fallah, Daniela Fantechi, Marco Momi, Filippo Perocco, Lula Romero, Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Einike Leppik, Ariadna Alsina Tarrés, Andrea Valle, Mauro Lanza, Maurizio Azzan, …