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40'' KLANGROOM - 1st chapter


Daniela Fantechi: Waiting
Maurizio Pisati: Stanze Armoniche
Andrea Valle: Elefante
Claudio Panariello: Mini self-portait with Nancarrow and Mažullis (with Ligeti in the Title)
Maurizio Azzan: Music from a distance
Alberto Carretero: Music 1 – Covid 0
Roberto Vetrano: Four Rooms
Anna Sowa: Good job!
Zeno Baldi: Melt
Giovanni Bertelli: Pop Opera


Idea, performance, mixing, editing: Azione_Improvvisa
Video editing: KOTTOMfilms
Graphics: Watteo Arts

40''KlangRoom - Promo
40''KlangRoom - D. Fantechi, Waiting (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom - M. Pisati, StanzeArmoniche (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom - A. Valle, Elefante (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom - C. Panariello, Mini self-portrait with Nancarrow and Mažulis (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom - M. Azzan, Music from a distance (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom - A. Carretero, Music 1 - Covid 0 (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom - R. Vetrano, Four rooms (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom - A. Sowa, Good job! (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom - Z. Baldi, Melt (Azione_Improvvisa)
40''KlangRoom - G. Bertelli, Pop Opera (Azione_Improvvisa)

40’’KlangRoom is a web-based audiovisual project that aims to the creation of 10 different miniatures, each one inspired both musically and visually by the 4 different rooms in which the performers act. 40’’ KlangRoom born out of the need to recreate our musical space, constructively using the means at our disposal during Covid isolation. The desire is to create a new experience that feeds on the contemporary and does not replace anything that already exists.