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Don Luigi Pozzi/Daniela Fantechi: Zodiaco Celeste
Claudio Monteverdi: Maledetto sia l’aspetto – transposition by Daniela Fantechi
Filippo Perocco: Fiato
Claudio Monteverdi: Ritornello della Musica (dall’Orfeo) – transposition by Daniela Fantechi
Ariadna Alsina Tarrés: Solastalgia
Claudio Monteverdi: Ohimé ch’io cado – transposition by Daniela Fantechi
Daniela Fantechi: E già sapean le stelle


Production: Associazione Culturale Anomalìa ETS
Graphics: Watteo Arts


Anamorphosis is a concert with music by Ariadna Alsina Tarrés, Filippo Perocco, Daniela Fantechi, and transcriptions of baroque music by Don Luigi Pozzi and Claudio Monteverdi. The concert is conceived to increase a necessary dialogue between contemporary music and baroque music, a period in which the theorbo established itself as a fundamental instrument. Like an optical illusion in which the original subject is only recognisable when observed under certain conditions, Anamorphosis aims to offer a distorted image of ancient pieces, transfiguring them and transposing them for the ensemble’s peculiarities.