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40'' KlangRoom (Season one)

40 ” to expand spaces, sounds, images.
Born from the need to recreate our musical space, using constructively items at our disposal during isolation, looking for a new experience, which feeds on the contemporary and does not replace anything that already exists. We asked a group of 10 composers to write a 40” piece, which will be played in 4 different rooms and then reassembled.

Music by: D. Fantechi, M. Pisati, A. Valle, M. Azzan, R. Vetrano, C. Panariello, A. Carretero, A. Sowa, Z. Baldi, G. Bertelli.
In collaboration with KottomFilms



40'' KlangRoom - TSUMI (Season two)

Seven contemporary composers, seven audio-video miniatures of 40 ”each
40 ”KlangRoom – Tsumi consolidates alternative methods for remote artistic creation.
Literary inspiration comes from the contemporary vices identified by Umberto Galimberti in his essay “I vizi capitali e i nuovi vizi”.

Music by: L. Troiani, M. Tundo, L. Pagliei, L. Antunes Pena, G. Lorusso, F. Perocco, J. Torres Maldonado.
In collaboration with KottomFilms