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Lula Romero: Morphogenesis
Marco Momi: Semi alle bestiole salve
Farzia Fallah: Blue, Blue, Boundless Blue
Zeno Baldi: Licheni
Daniela Fantechi: Last Summer Sowing


Production: Ernst von Siemens Stiftug, Associazione Culturale Anomalìa ETS
Photos: Claudia Mazza
Graphics: Watteo Arts

SEEDS_ph. Claudia Mazza
SEEDS_ph. Claudia Mazza
SEEDS_ph. Claudia Mazza

A seed – an evocative element dense with symbolic meanings – is what lies at the heart of this project, in which composers and performers deal with what this minimal unit means to them. A nucleus that stores and preserves historical information, from which something new can emerge in a different context. Or a starting point for transformation processes in which sound expands and changes the listening environment. Whatever the interpretation, what is certain is that the seeds of creativity germinate and multiply.